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My name is Jane Smith. I have had pet cats all my life. In 1993, I bought my first Tonkinese cat at the Absolutely Abyssinian Cat Show in Jacksonville, FL.  My first Tonk, Pendragon Shakespeare,  convinced me, by his beauty, his playful nature and his loving personality, to be a Tonk lover for life. When I purchased Shakespeare, he was being shown in Kitten Class. I had dreams of showing him, but two days before his first show, I ended up in the hospital.  Being fully employed at the time, exhibiting cats would wait.

After retiring from my job as a project manager, I decided to look into showing cats again. I spent 2-1/2 years showing cats in Premiership. My first success was GP Pendragon Guy of the Golden West who I showed to the title of Grand Premier.  With this experience behind me, I looked into starting a breeding program so I could produce my own show cats, and acquired GC Kiwendo Silverscreenstar of Maytime (Silvie).  I showed Silvie through Kitten Class to the title of Grand Champion.  Silvie was my first grand in Championship, and went on to become the foundation queen of Maytime Tonkinese .

Maytime Tonkinese – I came up with Maytime for the name of my cattery after much trial and error. There can be no duplicate cattery names. Names cannot sound the same with different spellings. All the purr and fur names were taken. Being a Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald fan, I looked for a name with a Nelson and Jeanette theme that would allow me to use the stars, characters, and songs from their movies as cat names. Maytime is the title of one of their movies, and it fit the bill as a nice short name allowing for longer cat names. GC Kiwendo Silverscreenstar of Maytime was the first cat named after I named the cattery.


Maytime’s primary goal is to produce kittens that we can show at cat shows.  We do a few selective breedings a year in an attempt to produce kittens of superior quality and disposition for the show ring.  Occasionally, we have kittens we want to place in loving, forever homes.  All kittens are up to date on the basic kitten vaccines, and are spayed or neutered before they leave us. 

Maytime Tonkinese cats and kittens are registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). I am a member of the Tonkinese Breed Council and the Tonkinese Breed Association, and abide by the TBA breeder guidelines and code of ethics.

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